Serum - Drum & Bass

I recently bought Serum, which is a really sweet wavetable synthesizer made by xfer records, and I’ve been having an absolute blast with it. Give it a listen below, but do me a favor and turn up the volume. Video & Audio Your browser does not support embedding with the video tag. Fractal is a shader from zGameEditor modulated by the bass synth mixer track. Audio only Your browser does not support embedding with the audio tag....

June 20, 2021 · Steven Polley

Human Scheduling Is Insane

I’ve had the past 11 or so days free to work on some personal projects and picked up a personal to-do list app I’d created and been using heavily for the past 2 years. Little did I know I would find out just how complicated it can be to decide what I should do next in my life. I’m not even talking about big life-changing events, but the little things done in life - the chores, the tasks, the toil....

April 6, 2021 · Steven Polley


I decided I’ll go for the S0-501 Exam, and will share my notes here. You can find all of my notes here At the time of this post, my notes are ongoing, very incomplete and are updated as I go along. There may be spelling, grammar grammar or grammar errors? Some sections are empty as well, but will be filled in the coming weeks. Free notes I've taken about the Sy0-501 exam topics....

December 17, 2020 · Steven Polley

Minecraft Server

Here’s a minecraft server: Feel free to join if you like - it’s completely vanilla survival.

February 17, 2020 · Steven Polley

Potato the Bunny Stream

Hey all, I’m working on a scalable MJPEG streaming service for fun, and I’m using my two rabbits as guinea pigs. Their names are Potato and Spud. Currently, a single MJPEG stream is active; however, there are still lots more I’d like to do with this. Check it out here: OFFLINE To Do Implement an MJPEG buffering proxy to enable scalability to many distinct unicast streams Implement live chat / commentary Implement clipping moments, triggered by a button on the website....

November 3, 2019 · Steven Polley


This will go down in history. Not really - I’m just testing my new content management system. Everything on the site with exception of comments will be staticly built files using templating. All content is stored as markdown, and templates as HTML. Whenever the site is modified, the modifications are pushed to version control, the site is then built, along with a simple web server I made in Go which servces the produced static HTML files....

June 21, 2019