I recently bought Serum, which is a really sweet wavetable synthesizer made by xfer records, and I’ve been having an absolute blast with it. Give it a listen below, but do me a favor and turn up the volume.

Video & Audio

Fractal is a shader from zGameEditor modulated by the bass synth mixer track.

Audio only

All of the synthesized sounds are Serum. It seems like there are so many controls and ways to edit the wave forms that this really is the end game for advanced synthesis and sound design. I’ve got to play around a bit more to clean things up, and I want to get more of an aggressive growl, but so far all my attempts have wound up sounding more robotic than natural.

Serum output only

Notice how each oscillators have a third dimension - a z-axis, instead of being just a simple waveform. Unlike the x and y, the z axis is not continuous and is instead discrete values with stepping in between. This allows you to modulate the z axis, which transforms the output wave of the oscillator. The z-axis can be controlled by envelopes, LFO’s or external modulation sources such as midi or automation system provided by your DAW.

The reason it’s called a wavetable is because the z-axis is essentially an array of waveforms, also known as a table of waveforms.