Hey all,

I’m working on a scalable MJPEG streaming service for fun, and I’m using my two rabbits as guinea pigs. Their names are Potato and Spud. Currently, a single MJPEG stream is active; however, there are still lots more I’d like to do with this.

Check it out here: OFFLINE PotatoTheBunny.com

To Do

  1. Implement an MJPEG buffering proxy to enable scalability to many distinct unicast streams
  2. Implement live chat / commentary
  3. Implement clipping moments, triggered by a button on the website. The buffering proxy buffer can be snapshot and written to a file to enable this feature.
  4. Implement rate-limited, the website controlled treat dispenser - allow people to dispense a treat to the rabbits.
  5. Implement directory for multiple streams
  6. Implement ffserver middleware for transcoding